The Benefits of Choosing Natural Stone

Traditionally, natural stone has been the premium choice for interior cladding. Though everybody falls in love with the look and feeling of natural stone, aesthetics are not the only reason for including the material in an architectural project, and interiors should not be the only place it is considered for. Whether it is used for […]

What are the Advantages of Light Steel Frame (LSF or SFS) Walls?

Light Steel Frame or Steel Framing System is a modern construction method for the quick and easy construction of modern metal framed buildings both offsite and onsite. Off-site pre-fabricated building technology has come a long way with the development of new technologies, insulators, construction methods and cost-effectiveness of production. Onsite construction is both quick and […]

The Cost Advantages of Cedar Cladding

Western red cedar is the premium choice for timber cladding being naturally durable and dimensionally stable. This dimensional stability also makes cedar particularly suitable for feather edge cladding. Other timbers such as Siberian larch must be cut much thicker than cedar to prevent twisting and splitting Western red cedar is the premium choice for timber […]

Leather Interiors and Wall Art

Have you ever considered a leather interior and wall art to add some life, color, and spice to a commercial interior design? If not, then the idea of leather interiors and cladding panels should be something that you consider for future architectural designs. Whether you are designing a commercial building, government space, or other industrial […]

Add Zest to Any Commercial Property with Metal Wall Art for Interiors

A business is more than just a place to invite prospective clients. Architects spend countless hours and a great deal of money searching for the perfect furnishings and art to decorate the walls and inspire confidence within these offices and commercial spaces. Yet metal art is often overlooked as an ideal addition to commercial space. […]

Using Stone Veneer Interiors with Slate or Sandstone

Using stone for walls is one of the most appealing design aspects for commercial architecture. However, it is also one of the most expensive, or has traditionally been the most expensive design concepts and therefore it has also been, for the most part, not a viable option for most commercial spaces. Modern innovations now allows […]

Art On Glass Interior Design Can Any Brighten Commercial Interior

Many modern commercial spaces make use of glass to create the illusion of more open space, a more welcoming environment for visitors, and to take advantage of natural light. By incorporating the use of art on glass for interior commercial design, today’s businesses can incorporate the traditional appeal of glass with the styling of modern […]

Balancing Curved Linings in Architectural Design on a Budget

Any architect who has an aesthetic eye to detail can tell you that linear design is fine for standard commercial properties, but what separates one ordinary styled building from one that captures attention and inspires the imagination is using curves, such as curved linings. The problem with this approach, however, is cost. There are few […]

Why Use Aluminum Cladding Panels For Interior Design?

Interior design is one of the most crucial elements for commercial architecture. The exterior is what the world sees, but it’s the interior that clients of the businesses that will take up space within that building will be embrace by when they step through the doors. That’s why interior design is so vital to the […]

Wood Panels for Interiors: A Neglected Design Concept

When it comes to commercial spaces, one of the most neglected interiors aspect or design concepts today are wood panels. The wood panel interior provides a unique atmosphere almost any business. Many commercial properties are built with concrete walls or sheet rock, painted walls upon which paintings and other designs are added to avoid a […]