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Industry awaits verdict as cladding fire tests completed


Seven types of aluminium composite cladding systems were rigorously tested and now the industry awaits the Government’s advice for their use on high-rise buildings. According to the test results 228 buildings have been fitted with cladding systems not deemed to be safe for use in such constructions. Read more at constructionenquirer.co.uk >>

D. T. > 4 of 7 tested systems haven’t passed the large scale testing resulting in 228 known residential highrise’s needing an immediate solution, only 13 highrise residential are confirmed safe. Aside from those identified, how many non residential buildings are at risk? Should low and mid rise buildings be using the failed systems? Will be interesting to hear the Govt appointed panel’s review and recommendations due out soon.

Latest data reveals strong growth in housebuilding


Figures from the Department for Communities and Local Government show that housebuilding is at its highest level for the last decade. Up until June 164,960 new homes have started construction, while 153,000 others have been completed. The affordable housing initiative is not as strong, but improvements have been set in the Autumn budget. Read more at constructionmedia.co.uk >>

D. T. > Positive news for the housebuilding sector against the uncertainty of Brexit.

Top tips for budding structural engineers

SKY011 - Image

Young engineers are quickly gaining career momentum as seniors retire, which may lead to more stress considering their lack of experience. Andy Walker shares three steps young structural engineers can take to ensure they have a flying start. Read more at infrastructure-intelligence.com >>

D. T. > With technology and online communication making the world a smaller place, early adoption of new technology will ensure young engineers have opportunities outside of their home markets. With online outsourcing gaining market wide acceptance, where you live has less importance on where you are working.

Specialists warn that construction’s cashflow crisis is unsustainable


Payment delays and lack of adequate crediting leads to funding dependencies in small and medium sized businesses. Rudi Klein, Specialist Engineering Contractors’ Group chief executive, deems the situation critical. Read more at theconstructionindex.co.uk >>

D. T. > Something must change before more SME’s go out of business due to cashflow issues. The SEC Group lobbying the government to mandate the use of project bank accounts across public sector construction. Cash retention’s ring-fenced and mandatory 30-day payments would make a big difference.

Megacities could save $505 million a year thanks to trees


Urban areas with more than 10m people can tap into the huge monetary potential of trees. Lower air polution, stormwater remediation and  carbon dioxide sequestration are only part of the ways they can offer payoff. With more than 10% of people living in mega cities, doubling the tree canopy can be a step towards significant life improvements and savings. Read more at inhabitat.com >>

D. T. > Resulting lower air pollution, storm water remediation, carbon dioxide reduction, heating and cooling savings make economic sense… above this having more green within cities make them more attractive places to live.

Lego releases drone footage of BIG’s Lego House nearing completion

BIG, the company behind the amazing Lego House, revealed that the view from above is a vital part of the design. The final touch to the building will make it recognizable from Google Earth. Watch the video at dezeen.com >> 

D. T. > The child’s toy that has inspired many construction professionals in their youth now goes full circle to become a google earth icon for the Danish made product. I’m hoping to have a BoD meeting in Rafn’s home country to then see this interesting building.

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