Exterior Glass

High-performance cost effective solution for all of your cladding and glass inspiration needs.

Importance of Glass in Architecture
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DynaPanel Glass is a versatile, light weight glass faced façade panel.
A cost effective solution combining 6mm toughened coloured glass facing onto a non-combustible carrier board resulting in a 23mm thick frameless panel system. The factory fabricated panels are secured with simple carrier rails to a vertical T support profile and L wall brackets.
Key features of DynaPanel Glass:

  • Factory produced precision
  • Fast track installation
  • Versatile substructure arrangement
  • Varied panel options
  • Lightweight
  • Cost effective
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Exterior Stone

High-performance cost effective Solution of your all Cladding and Glass Inspiration needs

Exterior Stone facade
dynapanels stone facade introduction

Introducing DynaPanel Stone

DynaPanel Stone is a real stone veneer that delivers a lightweight, natural stone solution for exterior facades, interior designs or simple feature areas. Using cutting edge production and fabrication technologies, each stone is sourced from a traditional quarry, then crafted into a series of panels. In keeping with traditional methods, the natural textures and appearance of the stone is preserved, allowing the creation of individual and unique finishes with a wide range of effects. DynaPanel Stone revolutionizes the application of the natural stone effect, allowing designer’s to choose from a range of standard colours and sizes, without the limitations of traditional stone. DynaPanel Stone is the modern stone solution.


Responsible and sustainable sourcing of materials has become a central issue for the construction industry. Naturally occurring substances, such as stone, sand and rocks, have been quarried and used for construction work for as long as history can recall. Nowadays, manufacture of hard surfacing products is an established industry. These industries have a direct impact on the environment through: the energy spent in sourcing the raw materials, the adverse effects of quarries, and the air and water pollutants emitted during the finishing operations. Quarrying, fabrication and testing of stone products is more sophisticated than ever before, with constant technical improvements paving the way to establish best practice methods to lower the environmental footprint of the stone industry sector.

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DynaPanel Stone: EIFS / EWI

DynaPanel Stone: EIFS / EWI

Exterior insulation and finishing system (EIFS) or External Wall Insulation (EWI) is a general class of non-load bearing building cladding systems that provides exterior walls with an insulated, water-resistant, finished surface in an integrated composite material system. In combination with DynaPanel adhesive, this is a simple and economical cladding system.

DynaPanel Stone: Vented System - Site Application

DynaPanel Stone: Vented System – Site Application

The ventilated rainscreen system features a continuous air space, open at the top and bottom. This encourages airflow and con-vective drying when water gets between the cladding and the exterior wall of the building; whether due to wind-driven rain, bulk water shedding, or capillary action through porous cladding. suitable to offsite panel construction as outer skin.

DynaPanel Stone: Vented System - Prefabricated

DynaPanel Stone: Vented System – Prefabricated

The factory produced DynaPanel façade elements are manufactured to fit your design requirements with bespoke sizes and shapes. The system can be installed quickly and easily, no wet trades required on site Combines adjustable sub construction for levelling uneven substrates. This also provides insulation and a vented area to enable the building to breathe.