Glass cladding is an obvious choice for commercial buildings – its non-porous weather-resistant surface and fire resistance make it the perfect cladding option when considering longevity of the structure and its safety. It’s also a pretty forgiving material in terms of structural load as it’s very lightweight. The true beauty of glass, though, lies in its appearance. Customizable shades, smooth and easy to maintain surfaces and lots of daylight to keep the building’s occupants productive are only a few of the advantages of using glass for commercial buildings’ facades. The rest are the millions of ways you can use it to enhance facades and interiors, to unleash your creativity and set your projects apart!

Surroundings matter

Choosing the right colour or colours is a challenging task. The facade should not only be pleasing to look at in isolation, but also has to communicate with the surroundings of the building. No matter if you choose glass as a decorative element or a functional part of the design, having a good understanding of the landscape can help you avoid unwanted contrasts or total blending in. The reflective properties of the glass cladding should also be taken into consideration and used to your project’s advantage wherever possible – for example in buildings surrounded by greenery.

Playing with shapes can help you create effects even when using traditional colour options. By using more complex shapes you can achieve a whole new level of interaction with the building’s surroundings and streamline the use of light and shade both on the outside and on the inside. Take a look at the Beijing skyscraper below and how it uses trapezoidal glass panels to capture and refract light.

Dynamic Cladding colour options

To meet all challenges of form and function Dynamic Cladding offers a wide range of vibrant UV stable and colour-fast shades: from classic greys and blues to bright yellow and relaxing green. Playing with shades which reflect and enhance the surrounding palette, and adding brighter accents will lend the facade a contemporary feeling. If designing an office building, don’t be led only by grey and blue – incorporating colour will enhance productivity and will provide one more selling point to the building owner.

DynaPanel Glass cladding uses the RAL colour range but if you need more flexibility, we will be happy to consult you on different colour-matching options. Screen printing and etching onto the glass surface are also available, so you can achieve any result your design requires.

> Looking for an uplifting change in the atmosphere? Try DynaPanel in Traffic Yellow.

> Looking for ways to imply confidence and serenity? DynaPanel Light Blue is a beautiful classic solution.

> Looking for an accent piece to draw attention to? DynaPanel Flame Red will certainly act as a focus point in any design.

glass cladding dynapanel colours

A decision justified in more than two ways

As the old saying goes, any design decision should be justified in at least two ways. With glass you can have even more. Take into consideration facilities like schools, train stations, hospitals and other buildings whose strict safety guidelines make it almost impossible to use some materials. Glass, apart from being a beautiful and lightweight solution, is also safe. Dynamic Cladding’s panels have an A1 fire rating (bomb safety tests results?)  which makes them a reliable solution for commercial projects where safety is number one priority.

Glass cladding for interiors

Glass cladding, especially bright colours, have been used for years to add a futuristic note to interiors. Highly functional in terms of maintenance (suitable for rest rooms, changing rooms, bathrooms, corridors etc.), glass is also a great option for commercial buildings where there is a great number of people passing by, such as airports or train stations. It can also help create a more “breathable” atmosphere, reducing stress levels connected with travel.

Colourfully-clad facades also interact with the interior by changing the colour of daylight, adding a playful touch wherever appropriate. Your palette should be guided by the main function of the building, but never constrained by it. We can imagine a really bright palette in office buildings, too – think of Google and other innovative companies who rely on creativity to enhance productivity.

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Looking for material inspiration for your next project? Take a look at the stunning DynaPanel exterior solutions and choose your accent piece.

Feel free to reach out to us and request samples – we will be happy to provide information and guidance specific to your project. Samples are also available at our showrooms in London and Dubai. Visit the Contact Us section to learn more!


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