Imagine your finished project through the eyes of passers-by. What’s the first thing they will see? What do they react to before they start interacting with the building? Most probably, it’s the facade cladding. This is the “face” of your project, the representation of all it stands for. It has to be impressive, it has to be functional, it has to fit in the surroundings and enhance the landscape. So many things to accomplish and so many options to do it well (and fail, of course). It all boils down to choosing the right cladding materials and letting your imagination take the lead.

In this post we will present you with five of the best examples of facade cladding done right – buildings which represent a magnificent addition to their cities’ landscapes. Enjoy this journey from one end of the world to the other as we explore the design opportunities modern cladding provides.

Aqua Tower

One of Chicago’s best known mixed-use residential towers, Aqua Tower is a brilliant example of the use of asymmetrical stone slabs to create an optical illusion. The inspiration behind this decision is the rippled surface of the Great Lakes. Stone slabs are used to create protruding balconies which boost solar shading and improve sustainability. The architects behind this beautiful building are Studio Gang Architects.


New York by Gehry

As the name suggests, this is one of Frank Gehry’s masterpieces. The skyscraper is among the tallest on the planet and one of the most unorthodox, too. While New York’s skyline is dominated by glass, Gehry used stainless steel to create a rippled surface which gives the building an almost surreal appeal. The deconstructivist facade is one of the reasons the building won the Emporis Skyscraper Award in 2011.


Basque Health Department Headquarters

Coll-Barreau Arquitectos created this stunning masterpiece with more than beauty in their minds. The building’s “folded” exterior is made of polyhedral glass which reflects the surroundings in a multitude of ways. The most impressive achievement, though, is the double facade which eliminates the need for air conditioning. The result is less noise and improved energy-efficiency – to go with the extremely impressive exterior.


McDonalds, Georgia

You wouldn’t think of a McDonalds restaurant as a masterpiece unless it’s not in Georgia and it’s not created by Giorgi Khmaladze. 460 angular low-e glass panels make the building both stunning on the outside and comfortable to use on the inside. Apart from the McDonalds restaurant, it also holds a petrol station and a pool. Such a structure defies the laws of the ordinary and makes it perfectly clear that glass can be the material if you seek to differentiate your projects from the crowd.


Gallery of Kuggen

Created by Wingårdh Arkitektkontor in Göteborg, Sweden, this cylindrical building is our dessert. The mesmerizing facade is made of glazed terracotta panels which change their colour depending on time of day, viewing angle and weather. The architects have decided to interpret the industrial background very subtly: “The red colors refer to the industrial paint that was closely associated to the wharfs and the harbor. Here and there they meet a contrasting green patch, as in an autumn leaf.”


DynaPanel Glass Cladding – your trusted facade accent

As you can see from the examples above, one of the most facade-friendly materials is glass. Dynamic Cladding’s Glass solutions are lightweight and safe – a true dream come true when it comes to reducing the dead load of a building and taking public safety into consideration. DynaPanel Glass has A1 Non-combustible Fireclass to EN13501-1:2007+A1:2009 which will guarantee your project is compliant with the highest safety standards. The range of beautiful colours will also provide you with millions of combinations to make your project’s cladding stand apart.

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