A business is more than just a place to invite prospective clients. Architects spend countless hours and a great deal of money searching for the perfect furnishings and art to decorate the walls and inspire confidence within these offices and commercial spaces. Yet metal art is often overlooked as an ideal addition to commercial space.

Wall murals are different from other traditional forms of art that we hang on the walls. With traditional paintings, you are left with a two dimensional rendering. While there are many wonderful paintings and even pictures that can grace the walls of an office or entryway, with wall murals and metal art, there is depth to the design and captures the eye upon stepping through the doors into the room.


Metal art is considered contemporary, modern, yet metal art can be the ideal complement to even the most traditional interior designs. With texture, color, and style that can match any design palette, wall murals and other forms of metal art are designed to express one’s individuality and allow a business to create its own unique space.

In Business

For businesses that cater to a wide range of clientele, traditional art does have its place. However, metal art, especially metal wall art, provides a sense of character and elegance. Metal in its natural state signifies strength and using wall murals in an office environment will subtly inspire this sense of strength and character.


Any form of wall art should not consume all of the attention from any room, but it should complement furnishings and remain a presence even after stepping into the room for the first time. Dynamic Cladding offers the ideal design for the architect who wishes to add dimension to their design without breaking the bank, as well as for the business owner who seeks to instill amodern flair to their office environment. If you haven’t considered metal wall art in the interior designs that you create, it can open up an entirely new world of possibilities. This video can highlight the impact of metal art on any interior.