Traditionally, natural stone has been the premium choice for interior cladding. Though everybody falls in love with the look and feeling of natural stone, aesthetics are not the only reason for including the material in an architectural project, and interiors should not be the only place it is considered for. Whether it is used for a commercial space or a residence, its advantages are many.

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Why Natural Stone?

Natural stone can withstand much more than most materials can. It can tolerate elements like water, snow, and high winds extremely well. As an example, when used for counter tops, natural stone is barely susceptible to water damage or burns as most other substances are, making it an essential when it comes to residential architecture. Its durability also extends to style. Its appeal is timeless.
In terms of environmental impact, it is an ideal choice. As a natural insulator, it will help keep the cold out in the winter and keep in warm weather it will not absorb additional heat. In addition to this, selecting natural stone over almost any synthetic will always be more sustainable in terms of the material’s production. This is due to the more reasonable energy consumption required to prepare the stone, which does not have to be manufactured. Moreover, its production generates less waste than most materials do and it is recyclable.
Due to it not being a synthetic material, using natural stone will mean that a building will not have the levels of airborne chemicals that most other constructions do. This will be beneficial to anyone spending considerable lengths of time within it.
Though natural stone can require a considerable initial investment, to the point that its cost could seem prohibitive to some, it pays off on the long run when considering the benefits already discussed. Building and homeowners will spend less on maintenance and repairs, save money on heating and cooling, and the health of the structure’s occupants will be less likely to suffer damages caused by toxic chemicals.
In essence, when considering the long term impacts a construction will have on the environment, the public’s health, and the owner’s budget, natural stone is an optimal choice.


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