Top 5 Projects Using Facade Cladding as a Focal Point

Imagine your finished project through the eyes of passers-by. What’s the first thing they will see? What do they react to before they start interacting with the building? Most probably, it’s the facade cladding. This is the “face” of your project, the representation of all it stands for. It has to be impressive, it has to […]

Ventilated Facades: Properties, Advantages, Uses

Dynamic Cladding works with practically every material imaginable and is well versed in most forms of design. One of the many facade types we specialize in are glass and stone ventilated facades. Ventilated facades – what are they? Ventilated facades are a type of cladding where a cavity which functions as an air cushion lies […]

Dynamic Cladding Weekly Digest / 31.07-4.08.2017

Tune in for this week’s architecture, construction and design highlights – with a brief commentary from our Development Manager, Daniel Thompson! Review of building and fire safety regulations launched following Grenfell Tower disaster Independent reviews of building and fire safety have been launched, following the Grenfell fire on June 14th. The announcement came last Friday, […]

Dynamic Cladding Now Available at SPSenvirowall

Leading external wall insulation and render provider SPSenvirowall has announced an exclusive UK partnership with specialist cladding manufacturer Dynamic Cladding. The move marks SPSenvirowall’s first expansion into the external rain screen cladding market and brings A1 non-combustible and bomb blast-rated cladding systems to the UK for the first time. Dynamic Cladding’s glass rainscreen system has […]

Glass Cladding: How to Pick the Right Colours

Glass cladding is an obvious choice for commercial buildings – its non-porous weather-resistant surface and fire resistance make it the perfect cladding option when considering longevity of the structure and its safety. It’s also a pretty forgiving material in terms of structural load as it’s very lightweight. The true beauty of glass, though, lies in […]

DynaPanel Glass Achieves A1 Fireclass

DynaPanel Glass achieves industry leading A1 Fireclass Dynamic Cladding headquarters in London, UK, April 17, 2017 Dynamic Cladding announces its DynaPanel Glass system has achieved A1 Non-combustible Fireclass to EN13501-1:2007+A1:2009. DynaPanel Glass is now an industry-leading product, possibly the only glass composite cladding system achieving A1 Fireclass. The testing was conducted by Exova Warrington Fire, […]

Dynamic Cladding Weekly Digest / 24-28.7.2017

We are happy to announce our new rubric – the Dynamic Cladding Weekly Digest. Every week we will summarize the most important industry news and events, bringing you a synthesized account of what’s happening in the construction and architecture world during the week.

Mechanical Pull and Shear Testing Completed

Mechanical pull and shear testing on ventilated cladding kits completed in accordance with ETAG 034. Dynamic Cladding headquarters in London, UK, on April 17, 2017 Dynamic Cladding is pleased to announce that it has successfully completed pull and shear testing, with positive results. The series of tests were conducted with Vinci Technology Centre in Leighton […]

The Benefits of Choosing Natural Stone

Traditionally, natural stone has been the premium choice for interior cladding. Though everybody falls in love with the look and feeling of natural stone, aesthetics are not the only reason for including the material in an architectural project, and interiors should not be the only place it is considered for. Whether it is used for […]

What are the Advantages of Light Steel Frame (LSF or SFS) Walls?

Light Steel Frame or Steel Framing System is a modern construction method for the quick and easy construction of modern metal framed buildings both offsite and onsite. Off-site pre-fabricated building technology has come a long way with the development of new technologies, insulators, construction methods and cost-effectiveness of production. Onsite construction is both quick and […]