DynaPanel Glass and Stone Systems, Secured by Design

DynaPanel Blast Performance Glass, Waterloo Station, London

DynaPanel Glass and Stone Systems. Secure By Design.

Today’s designers and engineers are faced with a new level of safety and security requirement. Modern designs of airports, rail stations, transportation hubs and public spaces alike require materials and strategies to reduced injuries caused through fire out-breaks, acts of vandalism and terrorism.

Explosions in public environments have led to particularly difficult design challenges for natural stone and glazing products.

Today’s modern material must stay in position unfractured whilst withstanding extreme bomb blast loading pressures, to not prohibit escape routes and emergency service access. No further damage or harm should be caused by the projection of material fragments.

Infrastructure design also places great importance on the prevention of a fire outbreak after an explosion. Materials that are selected must not ignite nor enhance a fire situation. Great attention is taken with material selection, to ensure the environment or exit pathways are not filled with toxic smoke and gases which could be produced from combustible materials in a fire situation.

Through extensive research and development, numerous full-scale arena bomb blast testing programs and specialist knowhow, we have successfully designed, produced, tested and certified, Bomb Blast Tested, Light Weight Non-Combustible, A1 and A2 DynaPanel Natural Stone and Glass systems, when tested to EN13501-1.

Our bespoke lightweight DynaPanel Stone Systems are on average 50% lighter than a traditional masonry stone. The fire performance is A2, Non-Combustible and the system is availible in nearly any processible stone combination. We have the ability to process marbles, granites, limestones, travertine and onyx stones into beautiful, bespoke, handcrafted panels, that create remarkable environments, and ensure public safety.

Our DynaPanel Glass Systems can be provided in nearly any RAL Colour, including select metallic’s. The system is A1 Fire Rated and Photorealistic digital imaging can be produced with the ability to continue designs across multiple panels and facades. Special effects and surface treatments are also possible.

With a certified A1 & A2 Fire Performance to EN13501-1, the highest ASIAD and SIDOS Blast Certification obtained, DynaPanel Glass and Stone Systems are the only choice to secure your design.

We are continually creating new product’s, refining ideas and concepts through ongoing testing programs.

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