Mechanical pull and shear testing on ventilated cladding kits completed in accordance with ETAG 034.
Dynamic Cladding headquarters in London, UK, on April 17, 2017

Dynamic Cladding is pleased to announce that it has successfully completed pull and shear testing, with positive results. The series of tests were conducted with Vinci Technology Centre in Leighton Buzzard. Two systems were tested, DynaPanel Glass and DynaPanel Stone; both are prefabricated ventilated facade systems.
Tests were conducted in accordance with the European Technical Approval Guideline (ETAG) on kits for external wall claddings, ETAG 034 for Family Type A. The guideline lays out “the performance requirements for cladding kits for use as external wall claddings, the verification methods used to examine the various aspects of performance, the assessment criteria used to judge the performance for the intended use and the presumed conditions for design and execution.” Mechanical pull and shear testing is an essential part of the independent audit program to achieve a European Technical Approval (ETA).


Thorough testing was carried out on a significant range of panel sizes, featuring various anchor fixing locations. Tests were conducted by means of a Hydrajaws 2050 fixing tester coupled with electronic displacement transducers. Results were positive and allow for a greater breadth of cladding design. Dynamic Cladding representative Daniel Thompson states the following: “through this series of tests, we have identified product limits which in turn provides added assurance with non-standard system design. This test series is required as part of ETA guidelines, other independent audits such as BBA do not require these. Having completed the testing provides reassurance on our system to clients.”

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