A new construction or existing home or office requires the ideal interior design in order to accentuate the nature of the architectural design. The right complement of furniture and wall coverings is one of the most common factors that go into the perfect interior design. Tradition wall art, such as canvas paintings or pictures, are fine, but if you want to create a lively interior room, whether for the home or office, then metal wall art with decorative modern cladding panels is a great option.


Metal Feature Walls

Decorative wall cladding panels can transform any room. The office or commercial building lobby, a suite, living room, bedroom, or family room, the possibilities are nearly endless with decorative modern cladding. Metal feature walls can be designed in just about any color, shape, or encrusted with a logo or particular design.

These cladding panels are convenient, cost effective, and easy to install. You can choose from invisible or visible fixings that can provide you with the option for a more commercial or industrial appearance or one that appears to have been designed with the room originally.

The Features of Metal Wall Art

There are artists around the world who create simple, yet elegant masterpieces of art using all varieties of metal. Metal wall art is lightweight and can be shaped to suit any palette or complement just about any existing furniture.


The look of metal feature walls is more contemporary, but even with an elegant and refined atmosphere in the room, the metal feature walls can accentuate or subtly complement to existing furniture.

Decorative Wall Cladding Panels

These decorative wall cladding panels are not functional walls and to add them to any room is a relatively simple process. No major renovations required. You simply add them to the existing structural walls and suddenly the room will breathe new life.

These decorative modern cladding concepts are ideal for new construction as well as existing buildings.

It can be challenging to fully appreciate what metal wall art can do for any interior design. In order to fully grasp the possibilities, contact a professional at Dynamic Cladding and take a virtual tour of the designs that have been incorporated into traditional as well as modern homes and office buildings through the UK, UAE, and Europe.